Take Action

  1. Sign up to join the TAX REVOLT click here.

  2. Say NO to the Provincial Surtax on Property

    Please understand the consequences of this hugely enormous tax - NDP gov’t deceptively misnamed their new surtax on private property as a "school tax". 

    Once smuggled in, the categories of "wealth" will expand and the tax rates will rise. This government has an insatiable craving for your tax-paid savings. Click HERE to sign.

  3. Sign the Online Petition to SCRAP the Speculation Tax.

  4. Contact Vancouver City Councillors and voice your opinion against Phase 2 of the Seaside Greenway project.

Councillor Elizabeth Ball

Email: CLRball@vancouver.ca     Twitter: @Elizabeth_Ball

Councillor George Affleck

Email: CLRaffleck@vancouver.ca     Twitter: @george_affleck

Councillor Melissa De Genova

Email: CLRdegenova@vancouver.ca     Twitter: @melissadegenova