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…. here’s the story. A local Dipper politician (David Eby) pulled land records for 172 sales in one small area of Vancouver (on the ultra-expensive Westside) and handed them over to a researcher for analysis. By the way, 172 sales represents 0.52% of the 33,116 residential properties that changed hands last year, and closer to 0.4% of the number expected to trade in 2015. In other words, it’s statistically meaningless.

But that never stops a good story. So Eby’s guy then looked at the names of the 172 buyers, screening them for ‘non-anglicized’ Chinese names, which is a racist little thing some people do in Vancouver to try and ferret out Asians who might be more Asian than the vast number of locals of Asian heritage. Of course just looking at names does not reveal if the buyers are Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, permanent residents or the children and spouses of people working abroad but investing here.

To David Eby’s shock and delight (the media now loves him) the researcher concluded 70% of the names looked like they belong to people from China. And to further rattle the city, it was revealed that 82% of the purchases involved mortgages – so obviously the banks have been in collusion with the billionaire communists. (Even though it kinda squelched the meme of  crooked Chinese investors arriving with bags of cash.)



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