Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

The School Tax situation is BC isn’t pretty,  “This isn’t about property; it’s about people.”

The tax has lowered the value of homes assessed at more than $3 million, it has also pushed tax-averse buyers into properties worth less than $3 million. The ripple effect has boosted competition and raised the price of more affordable properties. The result is top-end properties that don’t sell because buyers are spooked, and cheaper properties that are still unaffordable to most local incomes.

Kennedy cut from the same cloth....Horgan, Kennedy and Weaver have their head in the sand. THERE is ONLY one taxpayer!

the huge hike in properties taxes, a whopping 5-9% plus utilities


Huge hike in properties taxes, a whopping 5-9% plus utilities increases!

City councillors are  listening, but our Mayor is slightly deaf. Regardless of him, something courageous happened at Vancouver City Hall