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City-Wide rezoning Public Hearings: West Point Grey Alert

August 12, 2018 WPGRA Newsletter

Update: City-wide rezoning public hearings in Sept. include WPG

Last month, Vancouver Council referred a number of major proposed rezonings to go to public hearing in September, without public consultation, that will lead to more demolition of character houses.

These include city-wide outright changes of all RS detached lots (including WPG) to 4 units (2 strata and 2 secondary suites or lock-off units), with a larger building footprint extending deeper into back yards, that becomes a further incentive for demolition of character houses.

Retention of character and heritage buildings were very strongly supported in the WPG Community Vision, approved by City Council in 2010. The directions under CityPlan were to implement further changes in WPG with extensive input from the community. Certainly more units could be achieved while incentivizing character house retention rather than demolition, but this needs involvement of the community to find a supported balance.

Another policy change is to remove minimum parking requirements for new development, in order to get more units on individual lots, that will put more pressure on street parking and require more pay parking permits.

Another report also referred to public hearing proposes changes to all RT7 & RT8 lots in Kitsilano (generally north of Broadway to the water) to a new RT5 zone that was recently created for Grandview. The new RT5 zone guts the design guidelines and makes it easier to demolish character houses.

This is only the start to a much bigger program of rezoning under a new program called "Making Room".

Please read the following Vancouver Sun articles, become informed, and be prepared to respond in September. Also, there is a petition on character house retention also linked below. If you have not already signed, you may do so if desired.


Unprecedented rezoning rush continues
Vancouver Sun
By Elizabeth Murphy  August 3, 2018
Outgoing Vision council doing 'chainsaw massacre' to city zoning without public consent
Vancouver Sun
By Elizabeth Murphy  Updated: July 2, 2018

  • Note: If you cannot view the articles on the Vancouver Sun website, more information can be found on elizabethmurphy.ca

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