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Vancouver TAXES UP 22% in 3 years while inflation has been around 2% a year - WHY isn't this a MAJOR POLITICAL SCANDAL?

WAKE UP VANCOUVER!!! READ how YOUR taxes and user fees compare to neighourbouring cities.

How do your taxes and user fees compare to neighbouring cities? And how much more are you paying since the last election?

How much have municipal taxes and fees increased since the last election in 2014. What do the 2018 candidates have to say about the amount of taxes and how they would spend that revenue?

Both Vancouver and West Vancouver say they get to keep only half the money collected for property taxes, utilities and other fees each year. Vancouver reports that nearly a third is handed over for schools, 12 per cent for Metro Vancouver, and seven per cent for TransLink.

With the next municipal election three weeks away, we also wanted to know by how much these taxes and user fees increased since this round of mayors and councillors took office in 2014.

• In some cases, municipalities that already had high taxes and fees, such as Lions Bay, Vancouver, West Vancouver and Port Moody, also increased them significantly — between 20 and 35 per cent — over the term.




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