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Vaughn Palmer: Horgan takes to pulpit to evangelize for proportional representation

 The coming 2018 proportional representation vote a far more political version than the votes of 2005 and 2009.

 Premier John Horgan will be using all the persuasive power of his office to campaign for proportional representation, the electoral system that he believes will improve the re-election chances of his NDP-Green alliance. 


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 Larry Bell: Proportional representation may be good for NDP, but it's wrong for B.C.


The Pro Rep Referendum:

Attorney General David Eby has proposed a mail-in vote with two questions. The first will ask whether voters prefer the current system, or a system of proportional representation.

The second question will ask voters to rank which of three systems they prefer, dual-member, mixed-member (the most common) or rural-urban representation.

Voters can answer one or both of the questions. Ballots will be available in October 2018, and voters will have until the end of November to submit their ballots.

New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Denmark and Russia all use some form of proportional representation in their election process.


Video from the Mayoral Candidates Meeting on Sept. 13

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