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Calculate YOUR 2019 Family HOME TAX introduced by the new gov't.


No mature economy on Earth has ever been made more healthy by increasing taxation. The BC government should be cutting taxes for those who need the most help, all the while seeking efficiencies within itself. Sadly, there is the word ‘Government’— and the word ‘Efficiency’— but never the two shall meet. The NDP admits to zero economic modelling prior to announcing at least four new taxes targeting BC Real Estate. Metro Vancouver is a $900 billion asset. Given no modelling and therefore no clear target, what happens if the NDP overshoots? Not being careful, not doing careful economic modelling prior to tax changes that impact $900 billion— this is not responsible government.

New Calculators!

City of Vancouver 2019 NDP “School” Tax Calculator
West Vancouver 2019 NDP “School” TAX Calculator

2018 - NDP “School” (Home) surtax
2018 - NDP Property Transfer tax increase
2018 - NDP “Speculation” (Vacancy) tax
2018 - NDP Foreign Buyers’ tax increase
2018 - NDP Carbon tax increase
2018 - NDP Employer Health tax
2018 - NDP Luxury Car tax increase
2017 - NDP Income tax increase
2017 - NDP Corporate tax increase




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