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This idea is a way better, non-city subsidized idea.....U-bicycle to launch Metro Vancouver’s second bike-share program

Initial operations slated for Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Richmond

U-bicycle’s pricing system is simpler. It’s also cheaper than Mobi for someone who wants to experiment with a single ride, but more expensive for someone who wants to buy an annual pass.

This idea is a way better, non-city subsidized idea.

In this article out today, you will see itemized the City’s investment:

$5,000,000 capital start up

$1,000,000 “other” start up costs

$500,000 per year

Unquantified lost parking meter income – the article suggests is $400,000 per year. 

That is ~$1 M subsidy per year. 

MOBI has promised to pay $400,000 per year to defray all the lost parking meter income, which they have NOT done yet as the city is being “flexible”.

They should be getting $$ from Shaw’s advertising, yet still not able to pay much back to the city.  How much is this per bike per year that we are paying, in addition to all the infrastructure???

Not to mention the lost business to local tax paying bike rental businesses.

And the city wants to expand to 200 docking stations – how much is that?

The MOBI program should be scrapped if not sustainable.  CRAZY.  Meanwhile, recall they raised our taxes to find money for that bike parade…..Gregor & Vision has got to go.


Have you met John Coupar - Parks Board Commissioner?

More on MOBI - Did you ever see the following memo from Sadhu Johnston to Council from last November?