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More on MOBI - Did you ever see the following memo from Sadhu Johnston to Council from last November?


From: "Johnston, Sadhu" <Sadhu.Johnston@vancouver.ca>

To: "Direct to Mayor and Council - DL" <CCDTMACDL@vancouver.ca>

CC: "City Manager's Correspondence Group - DL" <CMCG@vancouver.ca>

"Dobrovolny, Jerry" <jerry.dobrovolny@vancouver.ca>

"Wittgens, Margaret" <Margaret.Wittgens@vancouver.ca>

"Edwards, Scott" <scott.edwards@vancouver.ca>

Date: 11/14/2017 8:52:04 PM

Subject: Memo - Public Bike Share Phase II Expansion

Attachments: Memo to Mayor Council - Public Bike Share Phase II Expansion.pdf

Good Evening Mayor and Council,

Please see the attached memo from Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering, regarding expansion of the

Mobi by Shaw Go system. A short summary as follows:

• Vancouver Bike Share Inc. (VBSI) launched in July 2016 and has seen a successful first year of operations. The Mobi

service area currently includes the Downtown Peninsula, roughly bounded by Main Street, Arbutus Street, 16th

Avenue, and into Stanley Park.

• Through a research partnership with Simon Fraser University, station location and access were identified as key

factors to supporting ridership and removing barriers to using Mobi. VBSI is supporting a service area expansion to

the Commercial Drive area including the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station. The expansion area east of Main

Street is generally bounded by Victoria Drive to the east, East 16th Avenue to the south, and the waterfront to the


• The PBS Expansion will be completed by VBSI with oversight by the City of Vancouver. Ongoing ownership and

operations will be by VBSI as part of the existing contract with the City of Vancouver. The expansion has an

estimated cost of $3M and will be funded by VBSI and TransLink (BICCS) and will be operational by summer

2018. The City of Vancouver will continue to provide contractual oversight including the review and approval of

station installations in the public realm.

If you require further information please contact Scott Edwards at 604.873.7320 or scott.edwards@vancouver.ca.



Sadhu Aufochs Johnston | City Manager

City of Vancouver | 453 W 12th Avenue

Vancouver | BC V5Y 1V4

604.873.7627 |S adhu.johnston@vancouver.ca

Twitter: sadhuajohnston


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