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Translink study, paid for by the taxpayers

Subject: RE: UBC (LRT) Light Rail Transit : Phase 2 Evaluation Report :
Posted on Translink website

LRT lines on some of our major corridors can't be much worse than the many
busses we currently have running on our streets and eliminate need for a
subway construction and costs, etc..

 1. Full report annexed was posted August, 2012.

 2. The Translink study seems to have been sitting 'dormant' / discounted and basically


 3. And, the study seems to have flown under the e radar and could be an excellent

 game changer

 Advantages of this LRT line:
Ecologically far superior to the proposed subway.                                                                        Much more efficient than the subway proposal.
Saves hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars (reportedly saves
close to 800. M).
Will likely be embraced more readily by taxpayers and the public                                          Working well in Calgary and other major cities, proposed subway will cost
$800 Million more, create commercial hubs (destroying many local businesses)
and the subway . Vision cannot practically explain how the subway
 can get from Arbutus to UBC ?                                                                                                         No danger of electrocution to riders / public: As the rails are not
 'charged' until the rail car is directly over that precise portion of
 the rail line.
So why is Vision and the NDP working so hard to ram the subway through when Light Rail Transit is one/eighth the cost? 



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