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this will MEAN much HIGHER COSTS and it will

For the taxpayers paying for provincial projects, this will MEAN much HIGHER  COSTS and it will give 15 per cent of the construction workforce – the ones who gave millions of dollars to the NDP – a monopoly on work.”

LINK 0https://biv.com/article/2018/07/public-infrastructure-projects-be-union-only?utm_source=BIV+Newsletters%2C+effective+July+1%2C+2017&utm_campaign=01bc564ec6-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_07_16_06_07&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c5e00a74ef-01bc564ec6-211167773

The End is near – Gregor’s last days, let’s jam through higher density.

Soaring Vancouver land values are also leading to a ....