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Horgan's Sweetheart Deal, Where is Weaver on all this?

Open letter - Today, Horgan rewarded the same construction unions that have made huge donations to his party. Since 2005, unions donated over $20.2 million to the NDP. The announcement that all future government projects will only use union construction is little more than a political payoff at the taxpayer’s expense.

Going forward, all contractors that win bids on government projects will be forced to hire union workers. Bridges, roads and other infrastructure projects will all see their costs increased as a result.

According to the ICBA, 15% of the construction workforce in British Columbia is unionized. This means that this small portion of the construction sector will get an inside track on all public contracts. In order to even have a chance, non-union trades people and labourers will have no option but to join unions and pay all the costs associated with joining them.

This decision restricts the freedom of choice for those who work in the trades and will result in more money out of their pocket as they are forced to pay union dues if they want to get work.

This sort of thing is nothing new for the NDP. Back in the 1990s, the NDP government introduced union only construction on projects like the Vancouver Island Hwy, which increased the cost by 38% and resulted in a scaled-back project.

Today’s announcement shows the NDP are only willing to stand up for their union donors and won’t do what’s in the best interest of British Columbia. This decision will increase the costs of public projects resulting in a higher bill for taxpayers.

Fight back against these damaging policies that restrict the freedom of those who just want to work and increase the cost on tax payers across this province.


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