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Weaver’s statements ignore the facts


Re: “Green Party leader: Trans Mountain bailout puts climate targets out of reach,” April 17.

B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says he is troubled by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to back the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. I am equally troubled by many of Weaver’s statements.

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For example, he talks of subsidizing “Texas” oil companies; Canadian companies are, in fact, the largest owners. Weaver says the pipeline is no longer economic; Kinder Morgan has enough committed shippers to move forward, which is the real test.

Weaver speaks of subsidies to oil companies, but then uses the euphemism “targeted incentives” when he refers to subsidies for “clean energy projects.” He says that Trudeau has no actual plan for transitioning to the low-carbon economy. That might be true, but neither does Weaver, particularly until the issue of storage of large quantities of energy is resolved.

Perhaps Weaver should do less pontificating on matters he clearly does not understand and focus on addressing the major shortcomings in his own climate-change model.

John Sutherland


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