Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

UBC lied to an investigative reporter about how much UBC spent of donor and tax payer money to promote NDP "For a Better B. C." 

Why would UBC launch an “advertising blitz that recycled the NDP’s 2017 campaign slogan at significantly higher than what the university told theBreaker in January.?”

Documents released under the freedom of information law also indicate that the university’s use of the “For a Better B.C.” slogan was not a coincidence. 

What a sad Marxist Camp at UBC,  and on top of that.    Last December, the province appointed longtime Vision Vancouver backer Joel Solomon to the UBC board. (financial backer of Gregor and Vision-Vancouver)

UBC budgeted $1.55 million over two waves (January to March and April to May), which is 64% higher than the $945,000 figure that the university’s communications office originally provided to theBreaker



Do you REALLY Understand how much your taxes will amount to?

Greyhouse - the gov't could easily have thrown a few dollars to subsidize GreyHound, but that is too simple, much too quick and pain free to service the people of remote areas.