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School Tax -- Your Comments on June 5, 2018


Respectfully, I would like to correct a comment that you made this morning regarding the School Tax. You were describing your neighbourhood and a sign against the School Tax that is on a property near your home that you said you see every day. You commented that you are annoyed by the "hyperbole" of the sign, such as the word "expropriation" of property, and you said that there is an "old house" on the property "that cannot be worth $3 million." You also said that it makes you angry, and you would like to to something about this sign. Firstly, the house is not the issue and never has been for this tax; this tax is based on land value. That is actually the whole point. Many of us live in very modest houses and cannot afford to update them, fix them, and certainly not build a whole new house on the property. But, they are our homes, nonetheless, and we are attached to them emotionally and through our efforts to own them and contribute to the community, often for many years. The house may be worth $200,000 or less, but the over-assessed land value is $3 million or more. An extra tax on the land value makes it even more impossible to upkeep the old house. Many people are holding onto their homes by their finger nails because assessed value has driven up property taxes faster than wages. An extra School Tax tips the balance and WILL force some people out of the city and the province. This is NO HYPERBOLE, but a fact.

For those of us who are in this desperate situation, your comment today was quite hurtful and unfair, as well as being factually incorrect. I would appreciate it if you would correct your comment on air to recognize the truth of this serious concern for many residents, not only in Point Grey and Quilchena, as you limited your discussion to today, but also to residents in West Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Richmond, Anmore, South Surrey, Langley, Delta, Burnaby, and other areas of the province where people are affected by this discriminatory tax. These are not just "a few small areas" as you stated today on your show.


Mary Lavin

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