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Post Rally

Powerful signs at the rally yesterday afternoon. "Fraudulent school tax" speaks volumes on how people feel about the Surtax/school taxes to name a few of the many layers of taxes brought to you by the Provincial Gov't. 

1.   The NDP's property tax initiatives, whether they be school tax, speculation tax, foreign buyer’s tax or property transfer/purchase taxes, taken collectively, are punitive in nature which will invariably discourage individuals from coming to British Columbia investing in the Province and further, strongly encourage businesses and their owners to leave the Province due to unfair taxation.

2.     The NDP is using the tactic of miss-naming the various property taxes in order to justify a deliberate attack on a certain class of individuals in the Province and in doing so, is misleading the citizens of British Columbia as to the true motive behind the taxation and that is, to penalize individuals that have acquired some wealth over years of hard work and personal sacrifices.

3.    The NDP is falsely selling the various property taxes as a means to fix the housing crisis in the Lower Mainland, when simply put, the answer is to not tax individuals to crash the real estate market but rather, to set initiatives to encourage an increased supply particularly for lower end housing.





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