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Have you heard of Leadnow?

Have you heard of Leadnow? 

  • This group loves taking money from foreign left-wing billionaires
  • Leadnow gets lots of money from California! 
  • They get gullible lefties to sign onto their various campaigns and issues. 
  • The Leadnow team that doesn’t profile a single employee that isn’t white critizes others on lack of diversity
  • Leadnow campaigns are general nothing but flat out lies paid for by foreign money
  • Watch out Vancouver and watch out B.C., Leadnow based out of Vancouver
  • Previously documented Leadnow receiving funding from the San Francisco based Tides Foundation. The records are dodgy and get removed from the web by Tides after people report on them.
  • Their tactics:  Using lies and foreign money
  • In the 2015 federal election the group targeted 29 ridings held by the Conservatives and said they wanted to swing those ridings to the Liberals or NDP, whichever party could beat Harper’s team. Of the 29 seats targeted, 25 of the Conservatives were defeated.
  • May 23, 2017 - Leadnow, a non-profit group recently named in a report sent to Elections Canada alleging political interference, is actively involved with B.C.’s provincial election results and Vancouver civic affairs this week.


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