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An Open Letter From Anette

Dear Mayor Bill McKay,

I was just listening to you speaking on radio 980 CKNW, you spoke very well, and I totally agree with you, and the issues your municipality faces.

I am a resident of Point Grey in Vancouver, and my municipality is being picked on by Carol James with the SCHOOL TAX  2% & 4% on homes valued over $3 million.

I am a Canadian citizen of over 37years from England.

It is so sad how many Canadians are being picked on by this Socialist Provincial Government.

Good luck with your endeavours.

We need all the Mayor in British Columbia, to say that they will not collect all these taxes on behalf of the Provincial Government.



Thank you Annette.

This is nothing more than an asset tax and I am vehemently opposed as is the majority of Nanaimo Council.

Thank your for reaching out.  Your encouragement is very much appreciated.

Mayor Bill McKay

"Gregor Bought and Paid for by American Interests"

Have you heard of Leadnow?