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Dear Sir 

We have re-branded, as let’s be frank, we are not progressive and we are, well, not that democratic.

The 'New Deceptive Policies' party (a.k.a. New Deceptions Party)

In rolling out it's Family Homes Property Surtax, the fingerprints of the NDP’s 'Consciousness of Guilt' are everywhere to plainly see. 

All of the NDP behaviours, facts, actions and circumstances around the Surtax taken collectively, clearly show the premeditated intent and length the NDP has gone to deceive and try to mislead the voters of B.C. This government has no credibility or moral authority.

The false and changing narratives, the false labels used, the lies by omission, the blatant deceptive actions crafted and taken to deliberately mislead the B.C. public and insult B.C. voter intelligence cannot stand.  

If any of the Family Homes Property Surtax was remotely honorable or proper, the 'New Deceptive Policies' party would have campaigned openly, proudly and specifically on this deceptive family home tax plan in the 'light of day' during the election campaign to let voters decide. Instead, they consciously and deliberately chose to conceal their plans to try to trick the voters of B.C.

Now the 'New Deceptive Policies' party wants to rule like Caesar in B.C., hijacking democracy, undermining electoral platform debate, and ruling B.C. by unilateral decree without receiving any mandate from the electorate based on upfront campaign transparency and honesty.

  • Deceptive family home tax has nothing to do with schools and represents massive and unprecedented government overreach
  • Use of a false school tax label to try to mislead B.C. voters  
  • No study or modeling of the pernicious and dangerous tax policy impact conducted to avoid focus and upfront campaign debate on the numerous and easily identifiable major flaws with both the policy impact and flawed deferral program 
  • Does nothing to address housing affordability, in fact exacerbates the problem
  • Hypocritical positioning that a pernicious act by government can be justified if it only impacts a targeted minority group
  • Serves as a distraction, taking voter focus away from fact NDP government does not have a workable solution for housing 
  • It's about schools ... no wait ... it's about housing affordability ... no wait ....it's about sowing divisiveness ….. 

    Do not allow this deceptive NDP Family Home Surtax to stand.  The NDP government’s role is not to deceive and rule over the B.C. electorate, but rather to respect and uphold the rights of the voters to decide, and champion open democracy, debate and transparency.  

    Fool us once, shame on them; Fool us twice, well shame on us......

    We all know the next deception is coming - is PR the next big NDP deception?

Government is a major contributor to higher Metro house prices

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