Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

How the City of Vancouver is using YOUR tax dollars to run political interference for Eby and the NDP.  Abusing Seniors rights. This is Outrageous in what used to be our democracy.  

Hi All,

"A friend who is lawyer and lives in Dunbar with her family called this evening to say that her neighbor, who is 85, was very upset that city of vancouver workers had appeared on their property and removed their no tax sign. The sign was on her property not city property. COV claimed that the sign did not meet setback requirements and it had to be removed.

Outrageous, undemocratic, and completely heavy handed tactics by the COV against those that are against the tax. Please write to them and complain and call and complain.

This type of conduct is not democratic and especially divisive..... stoking the fires of division amongst us.Very disheartening that this is happening in our city and our province."


A Letter From Lions Bay

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