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An open letter

Dear Sirs

It never ceases to amaze me how governments can be extremely negligent in failing to detect a serious problem in a timely manner. Then they compound the problem by implementing measures that are largely ineffective except as a means of filling government coffers. It is particularly galling when you consider that other governments responded more effectively in the past.

In the immediate post war years in Britain rich people on the mainland whose big cities had been bombed started moving to the Channel Islands. (Jersey and Guernsey) this influx was seen to be a threat to local housing prices. Consequently two Real Estate markets were created one an inside market for persons born there the other an outside market for newcomers. Insiders could still elect to sell their property to outsiders at a premium but that would put the seller into the outside market this had the effect of discouraging locals from selling for large prices.

I contacted the government of Guernsey recently. They responded very comprehensively and quickly and I learned that this two tier system also operates in the rental market.

I believe that the Channel Islands may offer some insider access to outsiders who bring to the Island a much needed trade or profession.

Is it too late to create such a system here?



How the City of Vancouver is using YOUR tax dollars to run political interference for Eby and the NDP.  Abusing Seniors rights. This is Outrageous in what used to be our democracy.  

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