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Coleman’s future, Mira for Mayor? and Chow’s tax bill

The B.C. Legislature sits until May 31 and then breaks for four months. 

Will Rich Coleman be back in the fall? 

A source tells theBreaker that polling has been underway in Surrey and Langley, testing the waters for Coleman’s name as a potential candidate for mayor and potential candidate for the federal Conservatives. 

Coleman was interim BC Liberal leader after Christy Clark quit last summer. When he broke from tradition and endorsed Mike de Jong for leader early this year, his fate was sealed. New leader Andrew Wilkinson relegated both Coleman and de Jong to non-critic roles in the BC Liberal opposition caucus. Runner-up Dianne Watts was prepared to do the same to Coleman, had she won. 

The ex-deputy premier is 62 and has enjoyed six election victories in Langley ridings that earned him several cabinet posts during the 16-year BC Liberal dynasty. He is also a master fundraiser, but the rules have changed. No more six-figure donations from tycoons, like the Walls and the Redekops, are allowed. With the NDP/Green alliance looking like it could hold until 2021, now is the time for new career challenges, as they say. 

Full Story here: https://thebreaker.news/news/weekend-tidbits1/

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