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A Notice to Homeowners

Hello Home Owners, 


Property tax notices will be coming soon in the Province of British Columbia.   Unfortunately, we know that next year our property taxes will be rising substantially for many in the area due to the new “school surtax”.  A lot of families have been considering appealing their assessments (for next year), and deferral (many for the first time).  I suspect these offices will be overwhelmed with people doing one or both this year and beyond.  I have spoken to many people who will be doing these applications as a form of protest.  When these 2 offices become overwhelmed with applications, this may help demonstrate how unsustainable this tax policy is. 

One of our neighbours has very kindly provided the contact information for both processes should you need it:


Property Assessment appeal:   www.gov.bc.ca/propertyassessmentreview

phone 1-877-356-9313


The deadline for filing an appeal is January 31st.

They set individual hearing dates between Feb 1 and March 15.

They would have difficulty scheduling a large number of appeals.


Tax deferment: www.gov.bc.ca/propertytaxdeferment

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