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Thank you so much for attending our "Stop Eby Taxes" Protest Rally on May 27th outside the Town Hall meeting


 The onslaught of NDP taxes threatens the day-to-day well-being of all British Columbia's residents, not just those in West Point Grey. We appreciate your attendance at our "Stop Eby Taxes" protest rally.


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May 28, 2018



Hundreds of protesters from across Metro Vancouver join rally


Vancouver, BC -- Hundreds of people from neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver protested the NDP’s so-called “school tax” at Jericho Park today. 


The uprising shows that increasing numbers of average families, seniors, homeowners and renters are infuriated with this unaffordable tax grab on unrealized capital gains, and are determined to make the NDP government regret this poorly planned decision. 


Desperate to raise revenues to fulfil their myriad promises, the NDP is infringing on municipal jurisdiction, to impose a tax that has no connection to ability to pay. It runs counter to Canadian tax precedent, and is not supported by academic research.


The proposed surtax has been criticized by many experts, including former NDP Premier Mike Harcourt and BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. Further, SFU Prof  Andrey D. Pavlov specializes in real estate finance at Simon Fraser University, where he is professor of finance disagrees with UBC Prof Tom Davidoff.


And, more importantly, this tax threatens the day-to-day well-being of residents for whom a $3 million property is not a luxury mansion, but a simple family home, full of memories, for which many have saved carefully, paid diligently, and used to plan for the future.




There are no circumstances under which I can afford to pay what is equivalent to a person’s salary every year in property taxes.  For the NDP to say that my two options are to move away from my community, or defer and take on massive debt is completely insulting.  If I defer only the surtax amount, I will ultimately owe roughly $2 million at the end, meaning that with a mortgage, I could wind up owing more than the property is worth.  This tax is an eviction notice to my family.” - TK

It is robbing the elderly. I am a 74 year old retiree and have owned my house for over 30 years. With the new tax my total property taxes will be $36,000 a year, an absurd number and something I cannot afford. I have been deferring my taxes for some years and the debt is piling up.  I voted for political change, but not this jackbooted attack on my home.” - RP


The media is calling us "angry wealthy house owners." The reality is that we live paycheque to paycheque and pay $5,000 mortgage a month. When we bought our house 12 years ago for $1,500,000, we needed to do some basic Home Depot kitchen renovations and had to use our line of credit to pay for the renovation. The housing market is over-inflated and if we had to buy a house for the first time now, we would not be able to do so.

The price of our house has gone up since we bought it, but if we would to sell it today, we would not profit, since to buy another house would cost us the same or even more. We are a two income family and both work hard and are still finding it hard to pay our mortgage and bills and already high property taxes.

For Mr. Eby to assume anyone with a house with a value of over $3,000,000 to be "rich" without understanding that it's all due to over-inflated housing market, is ludicrous.” - SZ


"Defer means borrow money to pay taxes (clear sign that taxes are higher than people ability to pay)"


"same school, same tax - targeted taxation is predatory taxation"

"this tax is imposed on properties that appreciated 8%/year (over the last decade) but not those that rose by 9% somewhere else - why?"


"moved to Canada from a socialist paradise in 1984, I feel like I arrived in Orwellian 1984 where predatory taxation is called sharing"


"Eby's "school tax" is a West Coast take on "uravnilovka", soviet-style "equalization tax. - MK


I am a born and raised Vancouverite and English Teacher for University students, specializing in English as a Second Language, and have taught for over 30 years.  


I own my home, having paid off my mortgage from working 13-hour days and 6 days a week. When this new tax forces me to sell my home and move out of the province, it will not only be my person but also my skills and experience that leave with me.  My students regard me as invaluable, and I have an extensive following within the community.  This surtax is not only wrongly targeting those of us, like teachers, who have slaved and saved to earn our basic homes, but will empty communities, deny essential services and negatively impact the quality and accessibility of education.” - ML

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