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This is truly is devastating for renters and students . Gregor doing a great job of further marginalizing the fabric of our community.

The Mobility Pricing Commission, which has been studying ways to reduce congestion across Metro Vancouver, released a report May 24 that included recommendations for how to make traffic more manageable. 

“Everyone who uses the transportation system should pay something for it. It should cost more if using the road causes congestion,” the report, Metro Vancouver Mobility Pricing, said. “It is important to find the right balance between paying for use and paying for congestion.

“…those trips contributing more to traffic congestion, by travelling in congested locations at congested times in a way that takes up more space per person, should pay more – ‘user cost.’”

Full Story here: https://biv.com/article/2018/05/recommended-metro-vancouver-mobility-pricing-models-could-cost-families-2700-year

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