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Eby's Take 2.0 How clever yet so deceptive. 

Today, I was interviewed by CKNW regarding my ire over my missing Town Hall 2 tickets for David Eby's "sold out" event on June 4, 2018. Like so many of us, I was put on a "waiting list" and told the event was "sold out" even though I registered for the event promptly once the new date was released to the public.  I also hold a ticket for David Eby's Town Hall 1 that never happened because Eby cancelled it duty to so called 'securty risk'. 

Later today, I marched up to the Eby Constituency Office at 2909 Broadway Street at 3:30 PM.  A film crew was filming the Road Safe ICBC "No Injury Caps" protest rally against the NDP plan to cap insurance claims.  The door to Eby's Office was locked with a note on it that said "Sorry, staff in a meeting." I could see the Eby staff inside at their separate desks, not in a staff meeting. 

 Finally after  knocking insistently on the door  was allowed to enter....spent the next 20 minutes, minimum, insisting that my Town Hall 1 ticket be exchanged for a Town Hall 2 ticket, that residents were not going to put up with Eby refusing to meet and discuss the School Tax, and that it was terrible optics, at best, that Eby was cancelling meetings, not providing tickets to Town Hall 2 promptly, and changing the Town Hall 2 Agenda to only minimally include the School Tax issue.  They asked if I was "Mary" -- apparently CKNW had given them the heads up that I was on my way to their office to demand my ticket.  

The staff proceeded to inform me that "there were errors in communication from their office," and they "should not have called the list a 'wait list'," that they were "not really sold out," but slowly sifting through names and addresses between the 2 registration lists to "prioritize Eby's constituents," that they "knew the lack of information from their office looked conspiratorial" and that they were working on issuing tickets ASAP. I insisted on TODAY.  They then said they would get the tickets out to all of us TODAY.  I told them that if the tickets were not out TODAY, I would be back in their office TOMORROW. 


 I also told them that they should not be locking their door to Eby's constituents as we are not a bunch of yahoos, and to treat us as such was insulting.  I stressed that to cancel the May 1 Town Hall, reinstate it, and then cancel it again at the last minute on the same day as the meeting was disrespectful of people's time, and infuriating to the constituents, who now do not trust David Eby as a result.  I asked why those of us who had tickets for Town Hall 1 were not automatically contacted with a notice about the new date and registration for Town Hall 2. 

Question is,  why did we have to find out on our own from friends who just happened to see a posting on Facebook only?  They had no answer to that, and looked at me with sheepish blank stares.  I asked them how the event could be "sold out" in a few hours when the new venue was over twice the capacity (700 seats) as the first venue (300 seats)?  They had no answer to that either.

If you are in Eby's riding and registered for Town Hall 2 but do not receive your ticket TODAY, let me know, and then march up to Eby's Office at 2909 Broadway and demand your ticket.  Tell them, "Mary sent you!"  Don't leave without your ticket.  I was  told by the office that "because [I] had made the effort to come to their office in person," somehow that "made a difference" and was motivating them to get the job done. Whatever that means. I did receive a written "Guarantee of a Ticket for Town Hall 2" in the evening today, and so did other residents. Check your e-mail.



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