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"Someone should ask the question as to how many NDP cabinet ministers have second homes in Whistler and or  the Sunshine Coast as these two areas are exempt from the property surtax. 

While we personally  have a small cottage on the Sunshine Coast and  are fortunate there is an exemption, the  question begs further investigation.  There is a severe housing and affordability crisis on the Sunshine Coast  and lots of foreign investment.  There is no rhyme nor reason to the 2 percent tax and for example, why there is a tax on Kelowna properties and not Penticton. 

As a former and retired  housing planner with the City of Vancouver,  I understand the urgent need for affordable housing: however, I personally feel that   the NDP's  approach will only harm those who need housing the most and effect a broad spectrum of British Columbian' s, who have worked hard and invested in  their homes in hopes of a secure transition into retirement. 

As well,  there challenging school tax is not at all thought out.  If people with mortgages are forced to sell, to whom do the NDP believe the homes will sell to?  Only foreign buyers can, for the most part  enter the medium to high end market and this still does nothing for housing affordability. Individuals  who once thought they could assist their millennial children enter the housing market are now seeing that ability slip away.  The misguided taxes have given rise to an increase in prices in the mid to lower end condo market.  

Also. Where did the first  time low interest  buyers mortgage go that the previous government brought in?  Well, the NDP took that away with the excuse that they would instead build affordable housing.    Let's see the list of affordable housing they are planning as well their design and construction schedule.   

My guess is that very little, or any thing of substance will ever break ground by the time the NDP are ousted from power."


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