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George Affleck's Letter of Support for John Coupar

Dear Friends,

I am sending you this note because I want to talk to you about my friend and colleague, John Coupar. (You can learn more about him here: www.johncoupar.com).

John and I have worked together on the NPA Caucus for seven years. We have been through a lot and have spent a lot of time fighting for the people of Vancouver. 
When I made the decision not to seek the leadership of the NPA and run for mayor, I hoped someone would come along to inspire the kind of leadership this city needs.

When John let me know he wanted to be the next mayor of Vancouver, I happily gave him my full support. 

John Coupar is a born and bred Vancouverite. He is passionate about Vancouver and knows every corner of the city. This matters a lot to me. 

His successful track record in public service is exemplified by the work he and some fellow community members did to save the Bloedel Conservatory. They had to fight a Vision-led City Council and Park Board that were determined to close down this iconic jewel and tourist magnet at the pinnacle of our city. John won that battle against all odds and the Conservatory is now back to its original glory. Thanks to John. 

The Vision era of arrogance is ending. It is time to turn the page and bring respect and good governance back to this wonderful city. That’s what John wants.

No more public hearings where decisions are clearly made in the backroom long before the people have a say.

No more hiding behind a bloated Communications Department that was created by Vision (staffing up from 6 to 50 in a few years) and whose main focus is to spin the news cycle and avoid the top issues that matter most to residents and businesses. 

And no more last minute tax increases and spending with zero public consultation. 

What John needs right now more than anything is for you to sign up and be a member of the NPA. You can do this now by clicking on the button below. 
Become a member of the NPA
Timing is crucial. 

John has a tough battle for the top spot for the NPA. He’s up against a well-oiled machine. 

So the thing is – I need you to join the NPA right away in order to support John. We only have a few more days before the NPA cuts off memberships eligible to vote for his nomination. 

If you are not a member of the NPA, don’t delay. Please go to www.johncoupar.com and click the button on the top of the page to join the NPA and support John in his nomination battle.

Once you are a member, the fun really begins.  

On May 29th the vote for the NPA Mayoral candidate will occur. It will be a horse race!  

And because it is required that you vote in person, we need to start signing up members as soon as possible.  

Thank you so much for taking time to read this email. 

There is a lot more information, including John’s list of priorities at www.johncoupar.com.


George Affleck, Vancouver City Councillor since 2011

Councillor George Affleck
George Affleck was elected to Vancouver City Council in 2011 under the NPA banner.
To reach George, you can send him an email at george@georgeaffleck.com or call him at 604-248-4201.
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