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Amalgamation a first step in mopping up Metro’s governance mess

Set aside partisan sentiment for a moment: our municipal politics in Vancouver are broken not only because of the mishaps of the governing party.

They are broken, too, by the limited reach of our governance, the deficiencies in representation and the flaws of a party system. We deserve to debate these matters in this campaign.

The largest of these issues is the feeble heft of our municipalities. The overlap is a mess among the dozens of elements of Greater Vancouver. We work in rival silos. We consequently fight below our weight class on the North American stage. It is an economic no-brainer to develop an amalgamated political region.

I have lived where other major Canadian cities – albeit with growing pains – came to recognize the value of an enlarged municipal boundary. It serves citizens more efficiently, advocates more forcefully, attracts investment more systematically and manages land more creatively, among much else.

Full story here: https://biv.com/article/2018/04/amalgamation-first-step-mopping-metro-vancouvers-governance-mess

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