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David Eby has posted an open letter on the tax here


David Eby has met with several constituents and made very clear his position, which is “you have won the lottery, and taxing these assets is fair.”

Eby  specifically mentions Windfall Gains several times as justification for the proposed Policy. 

Eby has no empathy for the taxpayers situation and how they came to own their home.  Whether they bought the house 40 years ago for $300,000 and are on a limited pension, or worked extremely hard as dual income parents to save and purchase their home in recent times with a large mortgage is of little concern to him. 

Eby simply wants to re-distribute wealth to support a government that is on a big spending agenda.

Eby suggests that those that cannot pay the tax simply defer paying them under the City of Vancouver’s deferral program. 

This essentially says we are expropriating your assets and if you cannot pay, we’ll put a lien on your property.  This is outrageous and un-Canadian.  It is unconscionable that this government is inciting class warfare to literally take from those who have found themselves asset rich because of economic growth of Vancouver - which by the way is largely driven by these same homeowners!


Remember former NDP minister Darlene Marzari ? 

Email from a resident and Eby response: