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An open letter from George Affleck

Things are heating up for election 2018. And Vision Vancouver along with the minister responsible for local government, ms Robinson, are attacking the NPA for simply following the rules the ministry itself created and Elections BC confirmed, administrated and approved. 

In her role, Minister Robinson is to be politically agnostic. Clearly in recent news stories she appears not to be; and along with severely flawed legislation, it provides good reason for why I am calling on the Premier to ask for her resignation. 

Here’s one of the many examples of why her election finance legislation appears to have been written on the back of a napkin one late night last October: 

Check my math (that Vision may have done already and therefore are white labelling independent candidates in order to raise more money). 

To raise $4m for a political party, it takes 3,333 donors at $1,200. Those donors can only donate once to either the candidate or the party. But not both. 

But 27 independent candidates running as an "unoffical" slate only need 124 donors giving $1,200 to each of them and they get to $4m. The donor can be the same person 124 times because the person is not affiliated to a political party. 

If this is what the minister intended, fine. And it might explain why she then allowed parties to raise funds separately for operations. If both are flaws, then both (and all) need to be fixed. Not just one. 

Minister Robinson? Was this your intention? Have you ever read your own legislation? 

Vancouver Non Partisan Association (NPA)

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