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Vaughn Palmer: NDP tool box leaves Heyman in vice grip over Kinder Morgan

VICTORIA — The New Democrats knew from the first day in office that their election threat to do everything to “stop” the Kinder Morgan expansion was both inappropriate and unlawful.

So said Environment Minister George Heyman this week, confirming to the legislature what Premier John Horgan confided last July in naming him to cabinet.

“He was very clear that as part of transition, he had been given the legal advice that stopping the project was beyond the jurisdiction of B.C.,” said Heyman during debate on his ministry budget Monday.

“To talk about it or frame our actions around doing that, would be inappropriate and unlawful. That is why we could not do that. He advised me to not do that.”

Adding to his account of that first meeting with the incoming premier, Heyman confirmed the legal advice explicitly contradicted NDP commitments:

“It became clear, through listening to legal advice, that we did not have the authority to stop a project that had been approved by the federal government within its jurisdiction … We couldn’t simply do what we initially, in Opposition, thought was an option for government.”

Full Story here: http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-ndp-tool-box-leaves-heyman-in-vice-grip-over-kinder-morgan

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