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Gordon Clark: Rule of law must be respected in B.C. pipeline debate

If you search the term “homicide” in CanLII — a searchable database of Canadian legal cases, legislation and commentary — you will discover it comes up 8,365 times. That compares to 24,415 citations for “theft,” 30,367 for “sexual assault” or 71,749 for “fraud,” just a few examples of common legal terms.

If you search “rule of law,” you will discover 298,969 citations, giving an idea of how central the concept is to our legal system and democracy.

The courts have commented upon the importance of the rule of law multiple times, but a quote frequently cited is found in a 1985 Supreme Court of Canada decision on a reference question concerning Manitoba language laws:

“The rule of law, a fundamental principle of our Constitution, must mean at least two things. First, that the law is supreme over officials of the government as well as private individuals, and thereby preclusive of the influence of arbitrary power … second, the rule of law requires the creation and maintenance of an actual order of positive laws which preserves and embodies the more general principle of normative order. Law and order are indispensable elements of civilized life.”

Full Story here: http://theprovince.com/opinion/columnists/gordon-clark-rule-of-law-must-be-respected-in-b-c-pipeline-debate

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