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Overkill or common sense: CCTV cameras in a party district

Adrienne Tanner is a Vancouver journalist who writes about civic issues.

In Vancouver, where civil liberties are guarded as zealously as old-growth forests, advocating for closed-circuit television cameras is tantamount to shilling for a chainsaw company.

So it is understandable that Vision Vancouver councillors did not immediately embrace a proposal to install cameras along the Granville Street entertainment corridor, where the street scene at closing time can get nasty.

Much is already being done to keep the peace. Police are out in force with late-night foot patrols. Clubs along the strip comply with Barwatch regulations requiring them to check identification and ban known gangsters and violent criminals. They have zero tolerance for violence and harassment and are mandated by Barwatch to install CCTV cameras to catch incidents like drink-spiking.

Full story here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/overkill-or-common-sense-cctv-cameras-in-a-party-district/article38196923/

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