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Gordon Clark: Why are citizens being encouraged to do City Hall's work?

Vancouver’s official motto is: “By sea land and air we prosper.” But given recent initiatives flowing from City Hall, I have another suggestion: “Hey buddy, get to work!”

A colleague pointed out a new city program that allows Vancouverites to “Adopt-a-Catch Basin.” There’s even a webpage that “maps out over 45,000 adoptable catch basins across the city that residents can go online to adopt and name.”

To add to the buzz, City Hall is running until Dec. 8 the “Grate” Catch Basin Naming Contest, where people can win — and I’m not making this up — $200 in rain gear for coming up with some awful, punny nickname for their local drain.

Full story here: http://theprovince.com/opinion/columnists/gordon-clark-why-are-citizens-being-encouraged-to-do-city-halls-work

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