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Mayor Robertson wants False Creek open to swimming this summer

Will people be able to swim in False Creek this summer?

That was a question from Mayor Gregor Robertson and some city councillors Wednesday in discussing the city’s continued efforts to improve water quality in False Creek and penalize boaters guilty of flushing waste into the popular waterway.

he answer from Nick Page, a park board biologist, was not encouraging. He said the board and the city continue to work on developing a “hydraulic model” of the creek to better understand how water flows in and out of it, and how pollution moves within and out of the basin.

“I don’t think we can promise that we will have information from that hydraulic model to inform a decision around the swimming season,” Page told the mayor.

Full story here:http://www.vancourier.com/news/mayor-robertson-wants-false-creek-open-to-swimming-this-summer-1.23181337

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