Wake Up Vancouver!

    Citizens for a Better Vancouver

Letter to City of Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners , dated 22nd February, 2018


It is such a rush to the bottom to introduce something people DON’T want to “align” it with parking meters elsewhere.  This is so sad. 

You have seen the petition and you need to respect it.  We are taxed to DEATH in this city. Can’t we leave at least one place out of the clutches of taxation?

PLEASE!!  A carefree “day” at the beach now a thing of the past.  How sad is that? All we can have is an hour at the beach.  Who wants to PAY to visit a public area?  This is just so upsetting, and your small concession to trim the applicable weeks back is not good enough.

You should be, as a group, outing the City’s underfunding of the parks board on this issue.  It is not your fault – it is the wasteful City Hall.  They have a $1.4 BILLION budget.  My God.  Surely you guys can ask for $225,000.

The amount you wish to collect is a small carve out of the City Budget – there are endless ways to redirect wasted money.  How about the cost of the 420 (illegal) Cannibis Culture festival (cost ~$100,000)? How about last year’s bike parade ~$200,000?  How about 2 of the City’s 33 media staff??  The entire region, not a lobby group, enjoys this beach, and for many it is one of the greatest joys. 

Have you costed out the actual cost of installation, servicing and collection of these meters?  It is a terrible idea and people really resent it.

Please publicly put the blame where it belongs, and fight for your voters on this issue.  Demand the city’s help. 


A Resident, Vancouver

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