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BC Cycling Coalition Tweeted: RT @WeAreHub: #hiring Bike Education Instructor posting deadline extended to Feb 25th - find out more at . Work in…

HUB is having trouble finding a bike education instructor, irony of ironies.  Vision tells us we are overrun with cyclists, so why can't HUB find an instructor?

Notice that Bracewell is still promoting charging drivers in Vancouver if they drive on a congested roadway.  How interesting -- charge the driver to try to make him/her go away instead of removing stupid bike lanes that take up the road space or widening roads instead of narrowing them (like Vision did on Point Grey Road).  In short, Vision creates congestion by limiting road space for cars, and then Vision wants to charge drivers a fee for trying to commute on the limited road space.  Hello?  What is wrong with this picture? War on Cars! Reminds me of the war in Iraq -- got to get rid of those weapons of mass destruction, NOT!

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.48.23 AM.png

Tell the parks board no parking meters on Spanish Banks !

Letter to City of Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners , dated 22nd February, 2018