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Did you hear Bruce today?

He reminded Vancouver, as I did when Bruce co-hosted on Lynda Steele, about Grace McCarthy's sell-off of the Expo Lands in 1986, beginning the first massive wave of off-shore immigration and land purchasing here, which began the first massive escalation in housing prices, and the fix was in!  That deal was under then-Mayor Gordon Campbell, and his advice to me and other Vancouverites getting bought our of their city, "If you can't afford to live in Vancouver, move to Revelstoke!" 

Kerrisdale war-veterans died in their 80's and 90's, stressed by being thrown out of their low-income, low-rise rental housing so the buildings could be levelled for luxury, concrete highrises that lay vacant for years. I helped many of those who didn't die move to downtown apartments and family members' homes. The media was all over it, but Campbell and his Royal LePage cronies were too busy counting their millions! 

Those of us who saw the writing on the wall protested, but it was too soon for most residents to take up the banner.  Developer Campbell and the real estate industry cashed-in to the ultimate destruction of Vancouver and its  residents.  As Bruce says, no blaming Li Ka Shing; he was simply a smart businessman, taking advantage of ignorant Vancouverites who were willing to sell their souls and city!!!!  Bruce for Mayor!!!!!!!

What to know more?

go to Reality Check - Viaducts Coming Down - Feb 15 is a must listen to! 



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