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Last Parks Board Meeting Vote

Did you know Vision-led City council reduces Parks Board Capital Costs from 42% to 17%!!!

So that leaves the Parks Board scrambling to find ways to avoid cutting services, for which the Parks Board Commissioners foolishly voted in favour of parking meters at Spanish Banks.

So, in ten years, park board budget has remained pretty much level while the city budget under Vision has increased 45%.  The development cost levies, which the city gives to the park board for capital costs, has been reduced from 42% to 17%.  So the park board is scrambling to find ways to avoid cutting services.  

The park board is not properly funded by the city, yet Gregor and Vision-led council have 50 communications staff, which is more than the parks board have gardeners.

Read full report here: http://parkboardmeetings.vancouver.ca/2017/20171114/REPORT-2018FeesCharges-ParksRecreation-20171114.pdf

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