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Is David Eby aiming to be Vancouver's next prime minister?

 WHY  a headline on this article raising the possibility of B.C. NDP attorney general David Eby becoming prime minister?

Here are some things to consider:

* Eby is making national news by conflating Chinese money laundering in casinos with high Vancouver real-estate prices and the illicit-overdose deaths of more than 1,400 British Columbians last year. Some observers simply shake their heads in wonder over how these three seemingly unrelated issues are being lumped together in this way, but the public and the media are eating it up.

* Eby is also about to gain a national profile as B.C.'s point man in legal and political battles with the federal government over Justin Trudeau's support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline. 

* Just as the prime minister is branding himself as the candidate for Big Oil, which can be fatal in Quebec, Eby will continue positioning himself as the sensible green-minded politician who can do the math around greenhouse gas emissions.

* NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has gotten off to a dismal start. His party has been annihilated in six by-elections since he took charge last October and he still doesn't have a seat in Parliament.



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