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China's hunt for corrupt officials could affect BCLC 'whale' gambler revenue

B.C. Lottery Corp. casinos rely heavily on large transactions from Asian “whale” gamblers, but revenue connected to this high-roller group could be affected by factors including China’s hunt for alleged financial fugitives, documents obtained by Postmedia News show.

Observations about BCLC’s reliance on so-called “whale” gamblers from China and Macau, and the risks associated to the revenue that VIP gamblers are pouring into B.C. government coffers, are revealed in a slide presentation prepared by BCLC’s anti-money-laundering director, Ross Alderson.

Full story here: http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/chinas-hunt-for-corrupt-officials-could-affect-bclc-whale-gambler-revenue

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