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Douglas Todd: Death, taxes and the terrible injustice of Metro Vancouver's housing crisis

Richard Wozny has produced 1,200 studies for the public and private sectors on more than $100 billion worth of real estate projects.

But the Vancouver-based commercial property analyst became acutely aware of the harsh indirect consequences of Metro Vancouver’s real-estate investment boom while being treated for non-smoking lung cancer at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver.

When the nurses, aides and doctors asked what he did for a living, the president of Strategic Site Economics Ltd. would tell them with a smile: “’My job is to make sure everyone makes the most of their real estate. That means ensuring the top one per cent make ever more money.’”

Full article here: http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-death-taxes-and-the-terrible-injustice-of-metro-vancouvers-housing-crisis

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