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Tides have turned: A left-wing U.S. charity's plan for change in B.C.

In late October, a group of environmental and social justice activists met at a remote lodge on Cortes Island, 150 kilometres north of Vancouver, up the Georgia Strait. The four-day gathering was billed as the Social Change Institute — an event that says it “gathers seasoned and emerging leaders with thinkers and trainers from the change-making world” — and it’s been happening for years. The lodge is called the Hollyhock Centre, a New Age retreat known for its holistic healing circles, Shaman drum making workshops and Tantric “sacred sexuality” seminars.


Full Story: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/tides-have-turned-a-left-wing-u-s-charitys-plan-for-change-in-b-c

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