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We now have a website

We now have a website to go public with our concerns and to focus on issues that we are making a commitment to resolve under the banner "Restore Vancouver." Please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch and feel free to email or Tweet with your suggestions.

Read more: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-greg-robertson-and-vancouver-city-council-restore-vancouver-burrard-bridge-pacific-avenue-and-other-traffic-alterations-made-for-bike-lanes/u/21136669?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_campaign=123515&sfmc_tk=Lw36uy7Y5rnLLNvxLYDCwb3volmzqJkLCo6GfmbIObjZ8MIB%2f%2fJRf4mQtkC1831N&j=123515&sfmc_sub=81812642&l=32_HTML&u=23986520&mid=7259882&jb=1


Restore Vancouver !   City of Vancouver Is Waging War On Motorists

While densification is hugely profitable overall, the city takes most of these profits away by imposing high and largely unpredictable development charges and interfering with the actual projects.