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Trout lake resident livid over city's long-term plan to acquire block for park space

City intends to acquire property along Victoria Drive to expand John Hendry Park

By Roshini Nair, CBC News

A Vancouver resident in the cross-hairs of the city's park acquisition strategy says the policy to increase green space and enhance livability is going to crush his community.

Pete McCormick is a resident of the 3000-block of Victoria Drive which backs onto John Hendry Park, also known as Trout Lake in East Vancouver.

He says the city bought a house on his block a year-and-a-half ago and it has sat empty since — puzzling, he says,  given the housing crisis and the good condition of the house.

"It's a beautiful house," he said. "It was beautifully finished on the outside, and it's a stunning kitchen. It would definitely make the heritage register. It ticks all those boxes."


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