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Monthly Rally for Affordable Housing in Solidarity with Homeless

10th Monthly Rally for Affordable Housing in Solidarity with Tent City Camp, SRO Residents, Chinatown Seniors and Parents of the Disappeared Students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero Mexico. There will be open microphone. Please bring your signs, banners, music, poetry and your solidarity to participate in a community event to stand up for affordable housing for people in the tent city camp, SROs, Housing Co-ops; for Chinese and immigrant seniors; and for people with disablitlies; low income and vulnerable members of our society. It's time to take back the City and the Media for Social Justice and Affordable Housing. Also, the parents of the disppeared students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero have been asking for our solidarity to demand from the Mexican Government an explanation of what happened to the 43 studens that disappeared close to 33 month ago. Students werre taken alive, we want them back alive!!!!

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