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'It was disastrous': The Burrard Bridge bike lane experiment of 1996

Separated bike lanes are a growing commodity in Vancouver, despite their ongoing contentious relationship with drivers — but when the city tried out its first one 21 years ago, the reaction was not promising.

It was June 3, 1996 when the City of Vancouver put a separated bike lane on the Burrard Bridge for a one-week trial. 

The experiment was the brainchild of Gordon Price, then a city councillor and now director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University.

"It was disastrous," Price recalled. "We did a very bad job in letting people know that this was happening, so it came as a shock."

There had been some discussion at City Hall about constructing a cantilever along the bridge to support cyclists, but Price convinced his colleagues to test out a cheaper option first.


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