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Drivers at a serious disadvantage

Would be interesting to see the (probably fast escalating) incidence of car vs bike smashes too- my perception is a growing animosity form drivers b/c the bikers have adopted an aggressive sense of entitlement- we both have to stop at a red light and the biker now has his/her protected lane and / I can no longer turn right to endanger him/her....but my observation of many, many bikers who hardly slow, veer into the crosswalk / almost knocking down all but the young and nimble... pedestrians , jump the curb and cross cut in the oncoming traffic lane- shoot across to the next bike lane and continue...no helmets, not even reflectors let alone lights at night....result is a (my opinion anyway) growing mindset of drivers that figure this rat pack can look out for themselves..... I actually had a guy on one of moonbeams rentals coming at me in the fast lane of a busy Homer street- no helmet, flip flops etc....taking up the whole lane and wobbling /cut in front a bit because he was head down one-handing the bike while texting with the other hand. But if I had hit this lunatic, guess who the villian would have been?

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You'll never guess what Vancouver City Council wants to do to help reduce traffic congestion at Cambie and Broadway