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Take Action: Please write to Mayor and ALL the Councilors. Why? You are losing your right to speak.

You are losing your right to be a part of YOUR city's future.
Dear Mayor Gregor and Councillors;

I'm not of favour of City By-Law changes giving City Engineers and the Transportation Dept the authority to make changes to roads and sidewalks without approval from council. Such changes could include REMOVING TRAFFIC LANES OR PARKING SPACES to make room for WIDENED SIDEWALKS or ...cycling infrastructure.

This is heading down a slippery slope. We did not elect the Engineers, we elected the Council. Yes, the current process might seem more bureaucratic and time consuming, but that is the price we pay for living in a democracy. These decisions should be made by the elected representatives who are answerable to the electorate, not the bureaucrats, even with their "so-called" public consultation promises.

Furthermore, I don't trust the aesthetic sense of the City Engineers and the Transportation dept. One only has to look at the ugly 12 foot sidewalk that is being built on Point Grey Road for a glaring example of this. I'm certainly not interested in giving them the power to do this to other sidewalks in my neighbourhood.

I can't speak tomorrow, but please take my views into account.


There is sparse empirical urgency around bicyclist accidents (see page 4) and farther in the report the top Vancouver accident intersections are not where bikes are…..  

Time sensitive: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 9:30 am